money, queen millz

Leicester artist Queen Millz drops debut single ‘Money’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

We are definitely feeling the hard body bars from this fresh talent out of Leicester! On debut single ‘Money’, Queen Millz combines a range of different flow patterns throughout, and the vocal style on the hook was a nice switch up.  Lyrical content was engaging, giving a good insight into her life, very promising! This single follows her appearance in campaigns for Nike, Adidas and Leicester City FC.

“​I wrote ‘Money’ for all of the underdogs​,” she explains, “​to show people that I may not have the money now but I don’t care, because one day I’ll it have it all.​” She “​wants to show people that the world is so materialistic, at the moment, but what I do is make the best out of what I’ve got and still look flashy, without spending loads.”​

Stream the single here –