Kieron Boothe

Keiran Booth – Drops His Latest Single No Regrets; Reflecting On Life, Love And Learning From The Past

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Nikhil Beats, Newham rapper Kieron Booth dropped his soulful piece of fire ‘No Regrets’, following his second single ‘Phone Down’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Views From The Bottom’ dropping in October this year. The silky and soulful rapper has commissioned work for the likes of Giggs, Idris Elba and KSI as he continues to live up to his hopeful and higher expectations.

With an ever-growing following base on social media and an emerging subscriber count on Youtube – the Newham rapper speaks of his experiences of living life to the fullest and diving headfirst into a positive and peaceful message. “I’ve got a lot on my plate,” says Kieron as he blissfully vibes in a near-empty minimalist room with pale pastel colours, in a topsy-turvy upside-down aesthetic where he perfectly contrasts the ideas between confusion circling back around into acceptance throughout the track.

Speaking on the single Kieron Said: “No Regrets is me reflecting and thinking about my journey so far, the good and the bad and not regretting anything along the way. “There’s no gain without pain” is saying it’s all part of the journey, keep your head down and keep proving people wrong.“

With a soulful and meditative tone, Kieron lays down his bars with a smooth tonal sound and a soft, approachable style that we want to listen to repeatedly. Devoid of all angst and ambiguity, Kieron holds no fears throughout his words with a sheer stoic acceptance of his actions, thoughts and past experiences. The rapper begins to brand himself as a laid-back lover with absolutely no regrets by looking only to the future, revelling in the present and remembering to not waste any time on the past.

Stream the single here