jessica wilde, daylight

Jessica Wilde brightens drops video for ‘Daylight’ (prod. by Eljay & Kiris Houston)

In Hip Hop, Soul by Vicky Thompson

South London’s Jessica Wilde brightens up the cold light of day with ‘Daylight‘, the fourth single on her latest concept album. The singer songwriter and spoken word/’rap rhymer’ flexes her vocals and polishes her aesthetic with a jazz-funk overlay combined with modern undertones,  and hits back with her truth wrapped up in glamour since speaking up about her sobriety. 

Don’t be fooled by the chirpy nostalgic beats as the concept artist tells the tale of party life, recklessness and addiction in all of its forms. Though ‘Daylight’ possesses a sultry neon drive-thru aesthetic, Wilde vulnerably discloses the exhaustion that comes with the darkness and struggle of such repetitive lifestyles with addiction and bad relationships. 

“I need to take off the edge, I need to sort out my head” lyrically shows the juxtaposition between discipline and impulsiveness. The lyrics reflect versatility and maturity that’s evident with London soul-based artists like Wilde. With a huge following base and a refreshing and fruity tone on her vocal, Jessica Wilde goes from strength to strength with ‘Daylight.’

Stream via Spotify and peep the visual here!