Jazz and afrobeat fusion from Joro on new single ‘Matador’

In Afrobeats, Other, Soul by Nick Russell

We’re loving this new one from London based collective Joro Afrobeat, who deliver a powerful fusion of jazz, afrobeat and funk for ‘Matador’, a protest song, written as a response to the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.  The song’s deep set groove takes listeners on a journey through the sounds of the London and it’s global heritage. With the city’s reputation of such  a diverse range of cultures, Joro are really a group who stand out, representing that amazing mish-mash.

Check out this live performance of the track from the 10 piece band. At over 7 minutes long, this provides a good indication of what can be expected from the live shows!

You can also listen to the track via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Their full EP is  available on Bandcamp and across online music platforms very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then you can follow Joro via Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Soundcloud.