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JayS drops new EP ‘Sisters’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Watford emcee and producer, JayS releases his latest two-track EP, ‘Sisters‘. Whilst the pair of songs have contrasting themes, the feel and ambiance over them focus on the artform of spitting over a hip hop beat! Inspired by real life events and emotions that have affected him, JayS wrote and recorded these tracks with the motivation of portraying himself someone who brings a sense of humour through sarcastic outbursts.

Whilst covering difficulties in life that he needs to deal with on the mic, JayS stays upbeat (shown in the first track, ‘Understand The Agenda’). However, there is also a more real side to him, as shown in the second track, ‘Late Night’, where the frustration is more felt through the mellow atmosphere of the music. Something engaging to get your ears around, check out the video below!

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