Jay Lamar’s ‘Trees’ EP is your perfect 420 soundtrack!

In Other by Nick Russell

Kick back and relax with Jay Lamar‘s latest EP, ‘Trees‘, your soundtrack to 4/20 and for summer in general! This EP is nothing but good vibes and energy, delivered with smooth vocals, up beat danceable production and catchy choruses. ‘Trees‘ is a project which featuring his homies K Wales and Crewsoundwaves, and reflects the importance of enjoying life!
For fans of Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean, Florida artist Jay Lamar aims to recreate an uplifting atmosphere for anyone who hits play on his music.ย  ‘Trees’ is nothing but good spirit and chill vibes as Lamar takes us on a trip of our own, and he is not afraid about what others think as he recorded this project, which was based on an inspired trip with friends!