spragga benz, chiliagon

Jamaican star Spragga Benz drops ‘Chiliagon’ LP featuring Illaman, General Levy, Rodney P, Killa P & more!

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

The hugely respected Jamaican dancehall star has been putting out hits since the 90s, working with huge names like KRS-One, Wyclef Jean, Foxy Brown, Pras, Stephen Marley and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Following a solid build up with a string of singles and big name remixes, Spragga Benz releases his new 15 track album Chiliagon.

On this project he’s not only got big name dancehall features from Sean Paul, Agent Sasco, and Chi Ching Ching but he’s heavily embraced the wealth of UK talent too. Enlisting well established talent like Rodney P, Killa P, General Levy, Toddla T, IllamanHarry Shotta, Sukh Knight and Zed Bias, he’s also got some hot rising talent like Black Josh,  JD Reid and Hype And Fever.

Whether you’re a fan of reggae, dancehall or UK sound system culture, this one’s an unmissable collection of diverse bangers that will keep you inspired, hyped and amped to crank up the bass!

Stream the album here and check out some of the dope singles below, as well as the full album’s track list!



  1. “Move To The Music” (featuring Rebel ACA)
  2. “Believe” (featuring Tanika)
  3. “Good Suh”
  4. “Wicked Love”
  5. “Spread Out” (featuring Hype And Fever)
  6. “Differ”
  7. “If Yuh Ready” (featuring General Levy)
  8. “Link Up” (featuring Matthew Allman, Illaman, Black Josh)
  9. “Hustle And Flow” (featuring Rodney P)
  10. “King on the Throne” (featuring Rodney P)
  11. “Some Of Us Love Rum” (featuring Rebel ACA)
  12. “Found Me” (featuring Anna Blue)
  13. “Differ Remix” (featuring Sean Paul, Agent Sasco, Chi Ching Ching)
  14. “Trilogy” (featuring Killa P, Harry Shotta)
  15. “No Regrets”