J Hus French Montana

Review: J Hus ft French Montana – Did You See (Remix)

In Hip Hop by Rumel Miah

New J Hus featuring French Montana

HAAAANNNNNNNNN!! Since British urban music started, we’ve seen so many high profile American rappers jump on UK tracks, some have been bangers, others probably needed a better choice of American rapper on the beat; but this is one of those times that UK and US have gotten together and created something worth banging out full volume in your whip on a sizzling summer night in London.

Anyone will tell you, ‘Did You See’ has probably been one of the biggest tunes of 2017 and most importantly probably the most important song J Hus has ever made and the remix had to do some justice to the original and in my opinion French Montana has done some madness! French follows the melodic style of the track to pay homage to Hus but French has always been good at laying down vocals like this. Don’t ever get it twisted though, his bars are too lit, with another example of him paying to J being: “I’m just a hoodlum, smile every day, you should see where I come from”.

What I’m, most surprised about that works is Frenchie’s ad libs. We get the typical ‘Haaaannnn’ and ‘Montana!’ that we expect from French but he works them as if he’s been making UK songs for years. Gotta give props to J, French was the perfect choice to jump on the remix and I’m looking forward to some more collaboration with our neighbours across the pond.


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