J Hus and Jae5

J Hus and Jae5 remix French Montana’s Unforgettable.

In Hip Hop by Rumel Miah

New J Hus and Jae5

J Hus and Jae5 did it again! After creating one of the most highly anticipated and highly regarded debut albums of 2017. It’s just common sense he’d be able to remix one of the biggest songs of 2016/17. And still make it sound as good as the original!

Before talking about Hus though, we’ve gotta talk about his producer JAE5. The man is legendary just based off the ‘Common Sense’ album, but he took it one step further this time; completely changing the beat for French Montana’s Unforgettable was a risky tactic but it paid off so well. The new beat is more afro, and more danceable compared to the original – even French Montana sounds more wavey over it! Then we have Hus’ calm, African accented lyrics pulling everything together, this has got to be one of those songs you listen to on speaker, around a BBQ with a few mates. As I said, East London’s finest has done it again.

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