Interview: Yungen “I have an opportunity to change my life”

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Interview: Yungen “I have an opportunity to change my life”

Wise beyond his years as a performer and artist, the South London rapper Yungen has been on the up-and-up, after a number of impressive performances as part of Play Dirty. This year has seen him support US acts T Pain and Future in London, and an appearance on Sneakbo’s new record too. Not only a rising talent that knows what it takes to take his music to the top, but he also sees the greater vision as a valuable commodity in the UK.

Blatantly Blunt’s El Cynico managed to get the artist to sit down and answer a few questions about his new release ‘Project: Black & Red’, touring the globe and much more.

It seems you’ve been really busy over 2014 what have been the highlights so far for you?

I’d say touring the world! Places such as Dubai, Australia and various countries in Europe. Not forgetting headlining a tent at Wireless Festival with Naughty Boy & Emeli Sande. Releasing Project Black & Red and seeing my name in the midweeks at Number 26 independently were also highlights, massive!

How long did the new album ‘Project: Black & Red’ take to complete, and do you feel this body of work holds up alongside your previous projects (Topic Of Discussion, I Ain’t Even Started Yet etc) ?

It took me roughly 6-8 months. I could’ve done it sooner but the touring took up a lot of time. Wasn’t a bad thing. It allowed the music to slow cook like a good roast! Project Black & Red doesn’t hold up against my previous projects, it’s above all of them because it’s better!


What have you learned from your time so far at Play Dirty?

The importance of building and maintaining your core fan base. The power of your fans can take you anywhere and put you on any stage.

Is there a shared vision you hold with Sneakbo, Krept & Konan and Chip?

Yes definitely, its an unspoken vision. We’re all young rappers who have come from nothing, the council estate in an urban area. We understand the need to elevate and make something of ourselves for our family and to inspire those back in our areas and other deprived areas.

What is your favourite song on ‘Project: Black & Red’ and why does it personally stand out to you?

Theres a few, but most probably ‘Too Real’. I made this track at a time when I was having a lot of realizations in life and things were dawning on me that I can actually do this and have an opportunity to change my life.

What do you wish your legacy to be in the UK music scene?

A rapper who told his story through honest, genuine music. This allowed him to connect & grow his loyal fans through selling records & selling out tours. Help put my city on the map.

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