Interview with DJ Emily Rawson (Supa Dupa Fly)

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Interview with DJ Emily Rawson (Supa Dupa Fly)

London based Emily Rawson has steadily been building her name as one of the UK’s best club DJs, and has come as a result of her hugely successful night ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ … Her new night ‘Supa Dupa Fly vs Soul Food’ brings together American Soul Food and ‘old skool’ hip hop. Sara Shipley spoke with her recently –

1) You are one of only a handful of successful and respected female DJs why do you think there aren’t more?

Dj-ing has always been male dominated, so it takes a while before women get their time to shine. There are more good & well respected female dj’s around than ever these days. Whe i started it was rare to see a woman behind the decks, now no-one bats an eyelid!

2) Supa Dupa Fly is a well established and long running, successful night. What do you think has made it such a big hit?

A combination of great music, a fun mixed & non pretentious crowd, and a whole lot of hard work from me!



3) So your new night Super Dupa Fly vs Soulfood combines your hip hop night with Caribbean food? What was the inspiration behind this?

Simple – music & food are my two biggest loves so I combined the two! Have been wanting to do it for a while, just needed to find the right chef.

4) What made you choose Chef Joseph Curtis to collaborate with?

He’s a friend of a friend & a fellow North Londoner born & bred! His cooking is incredible, he has so much passion & really cooks from the heart. All of my friends are major foodies so if they love him, it’s no brainer.


5) Now that you’ve incorporated food into your nights, would you consider combining any other element with music for future nights?

We do a Hiphop Quz – the next one is at Shoreditch House on 6th November.