Interview: TSK talks working with Klashnekoff, the future of UK hip hop and more

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Interview: TSK talks working with Klashnekoff, the future of UK hip hop and more

TSK is a talented rapper from East Anglia who shows what he’s made of, with his debut album ‘Average Rapper Syndrome’ which is predominantly produced by one of the UK’s most reveted beat makers Micall Parknsun, and cuts from Jabba the Kut!

We spoke to TSK as he opened up about the album title, how he picked the features list, and what he’s got up his sleeve for the rest of 2015!

Give us a quick run down of who you are, and why hip hop fans need to know about TSK!

Certainly. I’m a 23 year old rapper coming out of small town in the south east of England called Thetford. I’ve been rapping around 10 years but only in the last year have I crafted a project I’m fully happy with… extremely proud of actually. I feel I’m an original artist that sounds nothing like anything currently out there. I just want to make quality music that gets the exposure it truly deserves.

Your album is called ‘Average Rapper Syndrome’ – is that a self judgement or something more abstract you are getting at with the title?

The term “average rapper” for me refers to a category of rappers that really have no direction or potential of making power moves, they just rap. Basically having “average rapper syndrome ” is exactly what I feared before making the album.


You have a star studded feature and producer list – how did you whittle down the names to get on board?

Micall Parknsun was an obvious choice on production. He impressed me with his “Me, Myself & Akai” album having handled all the beats himself on that release. After hearing it I knew I wanted him on board. As for Klashnekoff, I wanted a rapper with high notoriety from the era of UK Hip Hop that inspired me in my younger years. Similar thing with choosing Si Phili for the ‘Life Inna’ track. It was really a pipe dream collaboration to be honest so it’s been great to have been able to have made that happen.

What was the most challenging aspect of putting this album together?

I found the final aspects such as, being happy with final mixes and not mastering it with my in house producer, a little challenging. Other than that it was a great experience and there is plenty more to come.

What’s the next step for TSK?

I’m currently just trying to get some momentum behind the album with the help of various PR companies. I’ve shot several videos that I plan to put out over the summer. In terms of new music, I’m working on a project that is around 8 tracks long titled ‘Par The Middle Man’ which features producers from the US out of Atlanta, Brooklyn and L.A. as well as beat makers from Germany and the UK. That will be dropping towards the end of the year.

Where do you see the future of UK hip hop going from 2015 and beyond?

I think the scene’s much stronger than it’s been for a lot of years. We’ve got an annual all Hip Hop festival as well as some strong labels putting out some great works. As long as we unite and work together I can see UK Hip Hop expanding and reaching a much broader audience.

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