Interview: The Bluntskins talk Manchester’s music community and more!

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Interview: The Bluntskins talk Manchester’s music community and more!

We caught up with the fast emerging Manchester hip hop collective The Bluntskins who combine the dopest smoked out hip hop beats with a good input of weed related content. As they geat up to their imminent new projects and string of festival appearances, Oli chatted to them about life inside and out of the Blunt Cave.


Welcome to BlatantlyBlunt! First off, how did you all meet and what made you decide to form ‘The Bluntskins?’

Thank you for having us. We all met at the Blunt Cave which was effectively a flat we all lived in. Out of our mutual love for hip hop and cannabis came The Bluntskins, it was an organic progression.

So what’s going on in your world at the moment?

We are currently cultivating our third project and taking cuttings for the fourth, so expect to be heavily blunted in the coming months. We’ve also been working at perfecting our live set and introducing new material to it. We now have the addition of Martin Connor which adds a whole new dimension to the show. Come and see for yourself!

You’re set to perform at Soundwave Croatia again this year. Is festival season your highlight of the year, getting to play out to so many people, or do you enjoy the creative process of working together on a track more?

Soundwave is an amazing festival, if you’ve never been be sure to check it out, you will not be disappointed. Performing for us is like enjoying the fruits of our labour, its when the creative process reaches its peak. We have been travelling out of our home city Manchester more recently which has allowed us to see more of the world and meet some wicked people. We love the whole creative process though in general.


What’s it like living in a city with such a massive reputation for music as Manchester has? How much influence do you take from your local scene?

There is definitely a sense of local pride, people tend to be quite open minded here which is a good thing. Its a relatively close city in terms of mixed culture, there are a lot of artists working on different styles of art/music but the creative people here tend to gel together.

Everyone knows everyone else to some extent – this is great though because people are constantly viewing things from different angles. The city moves with the times and as a result is the Hip Hop scene here is buzzing.

You put a lot of work into your merchandise and videos, as well as your music, who takes charge of that, or do you all throw ideas in?

Bill has done pretty much all the design work and videos although this is based heavily around the music were making so that itself holds most of the direction.

Thanks very much guys, final question: which release are you most proud of, and what went into making it?

We’re proud of everything we’ve put out up to now, but really excited about our new material. We’re also massively grateful for the support we’ve received. Its allowed us to put more time and resources into our music and it’s constantly growing as a result. Big thanks to everyone who’s been to our shows, checked our music and help share the love. You guys are cool.

P.S. Shout out to our manager Captain Holiday.

Catch The Bluntskins live at Soundwave Croatia, August 6-10 and catch their appearance at the Soundwave launch party tonight in Manchester. More info here