Interview: Star.One talk new project ‘Elements’, playing at Glastonbury and focus on longevity

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Interview: Star.One talk new project ‘Elements’, playing at Glastonbury and focus on longevity

London based production duo Star.One, made up of brothers Blackz and Phaze have recently dropped one the year’s strongest releases! They have enlisted major feature names for ‘Elements’ like D Double E, P Money and even garage legend MC Creed! Fusing Garage, Grime, House and Hip Hop this is a free download that you need to have on your playlist!

So how long has the Star one brand been around?

Blackz: We started out around 2011, about three years ago, and we had a couple of small EPs up till recently but this is the first real release



As brothers I imagine you had a pretty similar upbringing, what musical backdrop did you two grow up on?

Blackz: Music has been something that we learnt from what our parents played – the one that sticks out is Lauryn Hill, Miseducation – it’s been in my dad’s car along with the Erykah Badu album for about ten years!, as well as albums from the likes of Bob Marley and Sting – I also grew up listening to tape packs of garage and more of the US hip hop –

Phaze: I was really big into UK hip hop, picking up the latest releases from places like Suspect Packages – but the philosophy for us always was “listen to hip hop, rave to garage!

How long did the process take to put this project together?

Blackz: We started the P Money track (‘King’) around November last year, and finished it in July… we look back at it as a long process, we just knew we wanted an MC focussed project, and it went from an EP to a mixtape!

Whats the one track you can play in a festival to get the very best reaction from the crowd?

Phaze: It’s got to be ‘Never give up’ with Doctor – we played it at a reggae festival and the crowd were singing it back to us, but they’d never heard it, it was kinda SICK! (LAUGHS)

Blackz:: But if we’re at a club ‘So sweet’ fits in with the housey-garage vibe – all depends on the mood –

Birthday’ with D Double has got to be one of the stand out tracks too?!

Blackz Yea we heard the beat and D Double came up with the concept as it was his birthday a couple of days before, so as it was a no brainer and automatically quite a catchy track!

What was process regarding track selection for the release?

Blackz:: We already had the vocalists – Ainzly Joned,Thabo and Mica Paris. Rappers wise we approached people we liked – the track we did with Ghetts last year helped us out a bit and from then people got back to us and eventually it all turned out pretty well!

Phaze: We were pleased to have hooked up P Money, who we met at Glastonbury last year and of course D Double and Trim, who are both legends!  

Blackz:: This is just the start in our longer process, we now have connections with all those artists and want to produce for tons more also, as well as working on some of our own stuff – using it to make bigger and better stuff as far as it can go!

We’re in a very producer focussed industry at the moment – which production names do you guys aspire to, or have a great amount of respect for?

Phaze: Chase and Status is the most obvious choice as they’ve really mastered it – but also people who have been around for years, proving their longevity, like Basement Jaxx, and Zed Bias.


‘Elements’ the debut release from Star.One is available on free downloads from http://www.staroneuk.net/