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Interview: Skatta talks recording Hardships EP in 7 days, pressing it to vinyl and more!

In Grime by Nick Russell

With his second EP of 2020 making waves online and on radio, the Coventry MC answers a few questions about Hardships EP exclusively with Nick Russell.
Tell me about how the concept for Hardships EP came about – was it planned in detail or more of a collection of song?
I actually challenged myself to make an EP in 7 days during lockdown, I went to different cities to record features. The concept came from the challenges we’re currently facing like social injustice and financial hardships, which have hit me hard, as live shows were my main source of income but it got capped. I asked my supporters to get involved and help come up with the title, but it clicked in the end and I thought Hardships was the best title for this EP.
How did it feel to have your first project pressed on to vinyl?
This was a dream of mine to have my own vinyl record. Since early I would always pick up my parents’ record collection, fascinated and end up getting shouted at 😂 Hardships 12″ Vinyl LP available now on Bandcamp… be warned the stock is limited!
What song did you enjoy recording the most?
We Run Tings… I had a lot of fun making this track as i got to go to nottingham to record kriptik during lockdown.
What are the benefits of working with different producers on this EP, compared to the same one as you did with Fight night flows?
its got different colours, different sonics, i wanted to paint a picture with production i wanted the producers to be featured like artists as the producers don’t get enough credit these days, fight night flows was a production album.
Which 3 words would you use to sum up Hardships EP?
‘Real’, ‘Relevant’ and ‘Not For The Fainthearted’.
Stream the project on your favourite platform here and listen below!