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Interview: Skatta talks new EP ‘Fight Night Flows’, inspiring UFC fighters, and what’s coming for him in 2020

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Coventry grime and hip hop artist Skatta has opened the new decade in a powerful way, with his latest 6 track EP Fight Night Flows. Throughout the project he shows his skills as a lyricist and performer, going in strong with a refreshed style of bars and delivery. We spoke to him about the project, recording process and what he’s coming for the year.

How did the name Fight Night Flows come about?
‘Fight night flows’ was already waiting to happen. I got asked to build a fight music themed EP by my publisher back in 2018, and fight music was always on my list of subjects to cover. I started to build it back in November with producers and artists, as I have friends (who are UFC fighters) that had fights coming up. I wanted to build the project in time as motivation for them, and they ended up using the songs as entrance music to their fights. I also used to box as a kid so I was really intrigued to put this one together!

What side of Skatta are we getting on this EP?
Real, motivational, grimey – staying true to who I am and what I do… also I wanted to encourage fans to use this music as motivation for training and improving physical health. Also, you can expect fire grime flows. I see this project as the result of inspiration from listening to Lethal B’s Pow as a teenager, and I think that has a hint of influence on the project.

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How long did the EP take to write and record?
The creative process was one of my favourite for a project yet! We already had some of the ideas and concepts for beats and lyrics, and recorded the whole thing in 24 hours. It was all mixed by K-Dubz, and within fourteen days we had it finished! A couple of days later Kriptik travelled down to Coventry from Nottingham for the weekend, and we made the music video for ‘Try’.

Which of the songs will be most enjoyable to perform live?
Foot In The Cage and Down In One. I performed Shutdown in Shoreditch last year, and am due to perform Down In One and Shutdown when I headline (backpack company) Spraygrounds’ ‘Fallen collection’ launch party in London.

What’s next for Skatta in 2020?

2020 holds some really big stuff for me. I’ve just filmed the music video with Track Record Entertainment for ‘Shutdown’ which is on the EP. We hit Pyro Radio last week and I will be heading to Europe for live shows, radio, interviews, events and to see some friends in March.

This will see me preparing the release of the long-anticipated album Cinema Ticket, produced by Breaks, and featuring Grammy award-winning producers and composers. It will also include a short film featuring Opaline from Paris. I aim to be touring a lot, and continuing the power moves! I’ve also been producing music for myself, and other artists, locally and internationally.

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