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Interview: Skatta discusses the style, sound and craft behind his long-awaited album Cinema Ticket

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

After 4 years in the making, Coventry rapper Skatta teamed up with French label Broc Recordz to release his highly anticipated album Cinema Ticket in December 2021. Following a long run of cancellations and obstacles throughout the pandemic, Skatta discusses how he managed to finally drop the project and put on the production we have all been waiting for. 

So Skatta, now that the album’s been released, how has the feedback been??

So far, so good!!! I’ve been getting great responses from friends and supporters, who tell me it’s well put together, with the music offering a great sound and message… they love the concept!

In terms of the movie/cinema based theme, how was this concept conceived?

I had an idea in 2017 to make an album with each track having its own video. I met with my publisher and we discussed the project. She put an application forward to the PRS foundation’s Emerging artist fund. I then went for a meeting with Pledge Music and the PRS Foundation and developed more ideas from there. Originally I made it as an up-tempo afrobeat project, then it became a grime album. I took the elements away and linked up with (Broc Recordz label boss) Dipiz for ‘Follow The Sun’  in 2018, the first guy I met on my trip to Paris. He sent me a pack of beats and I found the gems and started to work on tracks. I went back to Paris before the first lockdown and wrote Record Box and knew it was the correct direction for Cinema Ticket. It had to be movie orientated, and hip hop had the lane which enabled me to fulfil the goal of the album. We recorded ‘Record Box’ in March 2020, then lockdown happened so we worked on tons of songs from the start of the first lockdown till June 2021. I had released Fight Night Flows and Paris performed ‘Record Box’ on the Wax Only Wax radio show in Paris.

I then focussed on working on my next project Hardships, releasing it at the same time as working on this Cinema Ticket in the back as my main project.

I then made Blockbuster, with a Galt sample. Dipiz got it cleared, then Track of the Year came next. I was listening to Oddisee’s music and liked his style, so reached out for a collab and he hit me back with the verse.

I then wrote ‘Lady Lucy’, with my girl beside me on Christmas night. I then went out to Paris in January to do the photoshoot for the album and the video for Record Box. It was done whilst sorting features for ‘Fade Out In the Dark’. I wrote and recorded the song in France, and reached out to Skinnyman but we didn’t feel the verse fit so we got Klashnekoff. He didn’t want to sign the publishing so he’s on the vinyl version. Clipson signed the publishing for the remix.

I met Opaline the same day I met Dipiz. I went to the Red Bull producer convention and Opaline was there with Lawless and connected us. I loved her work and I knew she would sound great on my album, so asked her to feature on the ‘Cinema Ticket’ single which was produced by Breaks.

How did the pandemic affect the production process and completion date of this album?

The pandemic affected us in terms of travel. It also slowed me down financially. I wasn’t able to travel to make money to complete the project as quickly as I could have if the world was running as normal… but I got there slowly but surely, with the help of Dipiz, his team at Broc Recordz, my girlfriend and my close friends. They all believed in my dream!

What role did Broc Recordz have in putting this final project together?

Dipiz helped to get all the contract agreements, sorted out the mix and master, organised the artwork concept, worked on clearing the samples, making the beats, doing the logistics etc.

And lastly, where do you plan to take your craft next year?

Next year I want to tour and bring more videos to finish the movie, continuing in making the progress I’ve been making. Hopefully, we’ll see a film in the cinemas.. who knows!

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