Earth2Tom interview

Interview: Production duo Earth2Tom talk new project ‘One’, A&R process, who their dream collabs would be and more!

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

New Earth2Tom interview

Earth2Tom aka Tomfoolery beats and Charles the Earthman are the golden era sounding hip hop production force who are set to release one of the year’s most exciting producer led hip hop projects! Their debut video ‘Robotz’ featuring YNR Productions’ Confucius MC dropped earlier in May and they have recently dropped a lyric video for the impressive reinterpretation of the N Word! Check out what they had to say in this interview we held with Tom Foolery beats!

1. How did you first come about and who are the members?

Earth2Tom materialised at a random house party in South London – my friend Dan Potter (Warsnare) said “Oh, Charles makes hip hop, you should link up” … and we did. Earth2Tom is the production duo of Charles the Earthman and Tom Foolery Beats.

2. What spawned the concept for this project?

Initially we were just jamming and tryna learn thing from each other. The concept of making dope boom bap instrumentals was there from the beginning. We’re both quite keen on sampling and using drum pads to chop and trigger samples. Other elements such as an appreciation for warmth in sonics, off-kilter swing and subtle variations on a solid loop became key. At some point I enforced the concept of it being a positive, uplifting album and all the evil and moody tracks were swept aside. I also pushed home the idea of there being vocalists on the album as I had recently met a load of talented artists through doing the Connoisseurs of Hiphop radio show on Itch FM.

3. You have a good range of artists on here, what was your selection process?

We only approached people we rated and who we thought were accessible. Most of the artists came through on the radio show and proved their skills, others we knew from the hiphop scene in London. All of the artists are friends or friends of friends in some way but it was all handled professionally. There were a few offerings from good artists that didn’t make the final cut. If the lyrical content and delivery was too bizarre, aggy or nasty it wouldn’t fit and was scrapped.

4. Given a blank cheque which three rappers would you love to get on board your production? Dead or alive!

Skinnyman, Blak Twang, Rakim

5. Any tips for up and coming producers?

Know when it’s time to hand over to someone else.

Keep learning.

Look out for Earth2Tom’s forthcoming project entitled ‘One’ dropping this summer and stay up to date with them using the links below!