Interview: Paigey Cakey – July 2013

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Interview: Paigey Cakey – July 2013

Paigey Cakey is a Londoner with a talent both for acting and rapping, making a name for herself at a quick rate! She appeared on BBC’s Waterloo Road and the celebrated hood sci-fi comedy Attack The Block. Our writer Katie Allen caught up with the Ms Cakey at the Ealing One Festival this month, she certainly spreads the persistent work ethic and genuine positivity!

So what has Paigey got happening in the upcoming few months?

Mainly touring and doing a LOT of shows around Europe etc. Me and Lady Leshurr have got one coming up which I’m really excited about called Storm Peace Festival… I just love doing the massive ones, wish I could have been at Wireless, argh well, next year!

At the moment I’m working on my CD which I hope to release at the end of Summer, called “The Next Paige”, going to be an obvious follow up to ‘The First Paige’, aiming to put 7-8 strong tracks on the EP!

Tell us a bit about your background leading up to now, what key things have shaped you on your journey/self-development as an artist?

I would definitely have to say hooking up with Lady Leshurr was a big event. Never thought (it could be done) just by hitting her up on Twitter to collaborate and going on record to the video ‘Dam City’.

Doing that together got me out there with further recognition, which inevitably lead me to be co-signed with her. I probably would have just kept to acting, sure enough it gained me real confidence within the music industry. Complete props she helped me come out of my shell and overcome my nerves, I used to be so scared to perform on stage. To be honest, my heart wasn’t that into music because thought I wouldn’t get anywhere and my self belief wasn’t that great. Most likely would have stuck to concentrating as an actress, I’ve reached to professional level and been on TV/Film.

What propelled you to become in your words an ‘accidental actress’?

I began only three years ago in 2010. I did a two week acting project at the Hackney Empire and while I was rehearsing, a casting agent approached me and suggested I go to the Hoxton Acting Sessions. So I attended without at all knowing it was an audition for movie ‘Attack The Block’, which led me to BBC drama Waterloo Road so it spun from there really!

What song you have written is your favourite so far and one which you’re most proud of?

It’s on my next album, keeping the title a secret though as it’s my next single also. Not giving a taster just yet, keeping the suspense! I used to be a singer before rapping, and on this no one only a select few have heard me take it this far…

Who were your early influences family and early music-wise?

My brother, mum and dad always had music playing loud as if they were competing haha. A lot of reggae and garage. From there I just started listening to Missy Elliot and Mz. Dynamite – I’d say they are my biggest influences. I wanted to be Dynamite from such an early age, even called myself Hype Dynamite as a first emcee name because I looked up to her so much.

It was so nice she contacted me, so we’ll hopefully do something together in the not too distant future, before I die at least! She’s a massive inspiration who has truly opened the doors wide for so many female urban artists, can’t imagine anyone else taking her place..

What would be your dream venue to perform at?

America’s Hot 90 Summer Jam, all the big MCs are there!!

What are you aspiring to achieve/get into motion by the end of the year?

I’d so like to put on my own London based music and creative inspired event, where I have the total reins on organising it, possibly with Lady Leshurr on board.