Interview: London rapper Razor gives inside track on cathartic new record ‘Bittersweet’

In Hip Hop, Interviews by Joe Ponting

North west London rapper Razor has just dropped his cathartic full-length Bittersweet, teaming up again with RD Millz for an emotional record of highs and lows. In our new interview he gives us the inside track on how the intensely personal project came about and how it was put together.

Razor has always been brutally honest, even including a frank chat with BBC Radio London host Judi Love about mental health, as an interlude on a record brimming with reflective (and sometimes X-rated!!) lyrics, delivered carefully over smooth beats and perfectly complemented by long-time collaborator RD Millz.

How was the concept for Bittersweet born, and how did the writing/recording process fit in with lockdown?

We called the project Bittersweet because over the last two years we have done a lot musically, but have both been going through things in our personal life [too]. To be honest the writing process was very easy – apart from ‘Make Up To Break Up’ we didn’t write any of the tracks together. We literally wrote what we wrote to each beat, and it just worked perfectly.

What are your two favourite songs from the project?

My two favourite songs from the project are ‘Swimming In Your Ovaries’ and ‘Rainy Days’.


How did lockdown influence the project in terms of themes/mentality? Were you able to meet up or did it have to be done over email?

We did it via email, RD lives in Birmingham, and I live in London. We sent most of our tracks via email [and] mentality wise we were just both in the same frame of mind which works perfectly.

You and RD Millz work organically together, and not for the first time! How did the two of you meet, and when did you start working together?

We met at a studio in Dollis Hill, and it was his idea to do a track together – ‘Ride For Me’, which we recorded in 2018 [and] released in 2019. It gave both of us a lot of recognition, which is why we both decided to do a joint project.

You’ve spoken in detail about the personal things that have influenced you, but what are your main musical influences?

My main musical influences are my everyday life and my surroundings. If I was to mention all the artists that influence me, I’d be here all day!

Stream Razor & RD Millz’ new project Bittersweet, and grab tickets for the album launch party on July 31 here!