Interview: Kojo Funds roams Canning Town and explores his music roots with Timberland

In Afrobeats, Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Ahead of his upcoming mixtape ‘Golden Boy’ which drops at the end of September, afroswing pioneer Kojo Funds has starred in a new video collaborating with Timberland Cityroam. In it, he he revisits key locations of his upbringing in Canning Town, East London, exploring his music roots. The film features the smash hit ‘Who am I’, essential watching for any fans!!

Check out this Q&A with Kojo and make sure you see the video too!

1. How did growing up in Canning Town London influence your development as an artist?

I would say that growing up in Canning Town influenced my development as an artist positively, the struggle and experiences I went through motivated me to go harder and perfect my craft.

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2. What are your music memories of growing up in Canning Town London?
My first musical memories of growing up in Canning Town are the grime days back in the local park, learning how to spit bars, and listening to artists like Kano and Ghetts.

3. You are always on the move, how do your Cityroam’s fit your busy lifestyle?
Cityroams fit my lifestyle because I travel a lot, exploring different sides of the world and also the cultures of different places, I need shoes that look cool and are comfortable on long days.

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4. What’s your favourite urban escape (ie green space) to explore near Canning Town?
My favourite urban escape has to be Barrier Park near the river Thames because it’s a space where I feel peaceful. Whenever I’m home I like to go there to reminisce on life and music.

5. We know your a fan of wearing Timberlands, why?
I’m a fan of wearing Timberlands because they have an old school flavour to them and style which I like. When I was younger I would see my idols wearing Timberland and that stuck with me.