Interview: Knytro talks being signed to Chase & Status, golden era hip hop and more

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Interview: Knytro talks being signed to Chase & Status, golden era hip hop and more

On ‘Still Standing’ you reference a lot of UK names; when did you first become aware of the British hip hop/grime sound?

On ‘Still Standing’ I referenced many Hip Hop legends and pioneers of the Hip Hop culture that I grew up watching as a kid. Never did I once mention a UK name. Though its funny you ask that because there is an

Unreleased version of ‘Still Standing’ with a 3rd verse dedicated to the UK hip hopgrime scene so kudos to you my good sir. Might have to release that version now…

With the growing amount of artists bringing the new sound of NYC (Action Bronson, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies etc), how do you think ‘golden era hip hop’ can be passed on to the consciousness of the next generation?

Seeing all of these artists coming out with such a ’new’ sound all I can say is I feel blessed to witness it, experience it, and live it! The golden era of Hip hop is back and is already being passed on to the next generation with ease. As you can see the 1990s vibes of today are even penetrating the top of the pops again. In other words the golden era of hip hop has found its way to the consciousness of our very own generation my good chum.

Outside of hip hop, what music do you love?

I love all music to be honest, I find it hard confining myself to one form of such a vast sound frequency.

Since being signed to Chase & Status, who aren’t primarily a hip hop sound, what guidance or advice have you taken from them to advance your musical moves?

Its kind of like this – Chase & Status saw that I needed some water and they pointed up. In other words one can be guided and advised straight to the source but it takes a lot more than just guidance and advice in order to survive. C & S helped me tremendously at the beginnings of my professional career though these days its me, the road, and the music. What I’ve taken from them is this – when you believe in something make sure you rollin’ with the true believers who believe in what you believe in.

What can Knytro fans expect from you for the rest of 2015?

My fans can expect some serious releases. Got some heat coming their way with the soon to drop ‘Project Neutrino’ and a very serious explosion to follow it up.

Listen to Knytro’s new mixtape ‘Mad Illa’ here