Interview: Kid Vishis talks new album, love for boxing, UK and loathing of skinny jeans!

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Interview: Kid Vishis talks new album, love for boxing, UK and loathing of skinny jeans!

Your debut album, Timing is Everything, is dropping this July. I’ve heard the singles ‘Look at all my shit’ and ‘Talk behind my back’ and I’m pretty psyched! What can fans expect from the rest of the album?

Ha! Man, I appreciate that! The rest of the album is going to take you into my world, where I do everything from take you to my childhood to play with your mind to pumping you up to calming you down.. I am hip hop so that element of Mc’ing will take you to levels different from others but still displaying being cut from that true hip hop cloth but fly as well.. 
I loved your dissing of skinny jeans and man bags on ‘Fuck yo swag’ on your Sick ‘em volume III mixtape! Are there any recent fashion trends you reckon are repping hip hop properly right now?
Lol! That was a fun song to make and I was still drinking heavy back then so crazy shit just kept flowing out lol.. Maaaan, I just don’t dig any of the skinny jeans, man bags, SKIRTS, leggings, etc.. Im just gonna say, these guys need to worry less about fashion and do more rapping.
Aside from your older brother, who are some of your greatest musical influences?
Im influenced by all the MCs that are hands down, no question, no debate, lyrical killers.. From Big L, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Eminem, 50 and Nas to Crooked I, StreetLord Juan, Joe Budden, and Ortiz..
Which hip hop artists are you digging right now? 
Hmmm.. I like Pusha T he’s probably a little underrated, King Los is dope, Jon Connor is my guy, Horseshoe Gang is ferocious, I just got up on the Jarren Benton dude, Kendrick is dope, Ab Soul is dope, Ty Farris is dope, MarvWon is dope, Famous is dope, Elzhi is dope, Big Bus is dope, Seven the General is dope.. Rich Homie Quan and Future got that catchy hook game tho!

You’re a big fan of boxing. Who’s your favourite boxer of all time and why?

Yes I love boxing and MMA! Floyd Mayweather for a long time has been my favorite boxer. Floyd has the ability to figure out each opponent and out box him. He can win fights without barely being touched by his opponent and that’s the sweet science in which he is a master of..  I like Andre Ward who is an incredible boxer. Canelo Alvarez, Erislandy Lara, Miguel Cotto, GGG, Deontay Wilder, Charlo Twins, Errol Spence jr, etc.. All these guys and more are legends and future legends.
Ray Robinson, Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Hagler, Hearns, SweetPea Whitaker, etc are all Hall of Famers but before my time.. So yes, Floyd Mayweather.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only bring five things with you what would they be?

Well, assuming I would be rescued within a few days, I would bring a few boxes of swishers, a notepad, a few pens, a ounce of Super Duper, and my thoughts lol..

There’s news you’re going on tour after the album drops. Can we expect to see you playing in the UK?
I want to tour as much as possible after this album drops and the UK is one of my FAVOURITE places in the world to be in!!! A UK tour is something that would be a great honor for me so YES you can expect to see my face in the UK very soon!.. Fingers crossed lol..
Kid Vishis’ debut album ‘Timing is Everything’ releases 22nd July on Seven 13 Entertainment.
Available for pre-order at www.seven13ent.com