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Interview: J Spades


Interview: J Spades

Hackney’s J Spades who has worked with big names like Waka Flocka Flame, DVS, K Koke, Margs, Joe Black, and others throughout his career has recently released the third entry in his popular ‘More Money More Pagans’ series. We managed to catch some time with the Hackney raised artist. We spoke to him about his views on the future of UK Rap, new music in the pipeline, and so much more.

For anyone who’s been put on to your music relatively recently, what would you say have been the 3 most signifact points in your career?

Charting at No 68 on the official album charts independently.

With the album reaching #20 on itunes and #3 itunes Hip hop charts, do you feel major labels are  still a goal for an artist of your status?

If the situation was right for all parties then yes!

In your interview with Mr. Voltaire and Ellen, you confirmed that you made a track with OVO Sound’s P Reign. When can we expect that track to release, and how did that collaboration come about?

The track came about because we had previous connections between OVO and GRT.  We have yet to set a release date but you’ll definitely know when it’s that time!

With the steady rise of UK artists in USA over the past 18 months, what do you feel the world can learn from the UK work ethic?

That we have our own version of hip hop that has taken a while to surface but has now finally started to showcase itself around the world.

Which were the most significant UK rappers you listened to growing up?


Do you feel there’s a sense that UK rap and grime are competing with each other for listeners’ attention in 2015?

Yes, UK rap is its own genre and needs a sturdy platform! Grime is and has been established for a number of years now.

From your knowledge are there many rappers (UK or US) that are fabricating their lyrics to sell the ‘trap’ image?



Purchase – J Spades: MMMP 3 #GRT here



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