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Interview: Invy Da Truth

Invy Interview Da Truth

My rap name “Invy” came about back in 2002 at my homies house who taught me how to rap. His big brother, Vic, told me i should go by the name “Invy” because my initials are N.V. for my acutal name. Later I came up with the “Invy Da Truth” name in 2003 representing the acronym (Individuals need violent young delinquents associated to really uphold true hostility)
I wrote my first rap in 6th grade, obsessed with Biggie, DMX, and Bone Thugs at a young age. I recorded my first song in 2002 after seeing the movie “Brown Sugar” inspired to give the culture a try…and it locked me in. By the time 2003 hit and 50 Cent/G-Unit came out, I had already decided I wasnt going to college to be a lawyer anymore. I wanted to be a emcee.

Crazy story

In 2012 I did a online youtube series where i dropped a recored everyday for 58 straight days, intended to break the late great Joe Dimaggio’s MLB hit streak record of 57 in a hip hop since. We created an email thru Nikbagtv for producers all over the world to submit and see they’re beats turn into masterpieces. One of the first producers to submit was yours truly, JMatt out of Arizona. Here we are 3 years and 75 songs later, he has produced my breakout singe “WCW”.
I rep ChiTroit. Im a midwest mutt. Im THE midwest Mutt. My desire to succeed and help strengthen both platforms are equal. My heart feels the same pain as a citizen and as a artist watching my cities lose trailblazers like Capo in Chicago and Dex Osama in Detroit. I think i will always rep both cities being Chicago raised me and Michigan Made me.

In 2016

We plan to take the “Invy Da Truth” brand to another level! We are already signed up for a college tour in the midwest going thru February. My mixtape “TraPPed” will be dropping early 2016 with a few videos dropping aswell to heat up the spring and summer! Starting recording for my 2nd album “Father Figures” has already begun, and we plan to start that campaign in Fall 2016!
I really would like to hear more my homie ryan over at HHK has showed me some ill stuff, but I want to learn the culture more and work with some of the best it has to offer. I think it would be epic!

In the end…

The highlight of my career so far is performing live at the shelter in 2011 in front of Detroit Hip Hop royalty Royce Da 5’9, Guilty Simpson, One Below, House Shoes and more! Hearing Royce say to my face “that shit was crack my nigga” and shaking my hand let me know i was on the right path! Got the same feedback from Guilty backstage and was in the studio 2 days later with him, Chanes, and Miz Korona  recording “Checkmate” for my 2011 release “Voltron 2”.
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