Interview: YT Triz on the Florida hip hop sound, ‘Friday’, working with Bobby Shmurda and more!

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Interview: YT Triz on the Florida hip hop sound, ‘Friday’, working with Bobby Shmurda and more!

Rising rapper from Orlando, Florida is a name you need to check for if you haven’t already! Having already been signed to one of the establishments of Miami’s hip hop world Poe Boy Music Group (home to Flo-Rida and Brisco), and collaborated with Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Bobby Shmurda, YT Triz is well on his way to the top of the totem pole!

He has already dropped a string of solid mixtapes, ‘Tales From Crime Hill‘, ‘Dysfunctional’, and more recently ‘Independence Day’, which dropped suitably on July 4! Triz spoke to Nick from Blatantly Blunt – check out what went down!


1. You started rapping at 10 years old! Who or what was the main catalyst for you to get started so early?

I’m real close to my uncle who was always into music every since I was a kid. His name is Gripp and I always watched him dealing wit music, making beats and rapping. I would definitely say it was him that first got me into making music.

2. On ‘How can I lose’ you linked up with Bobby Shmurda – It made for a real banger and definitely elevated your status in the game… what inspired you to create that hook and how did you find working with Bobby?

I got the record out of regular conversation that I was having with my brother we was speaking on the topic when I said the words “How can we lose when we came here nothing”. The slogan stuck in my head until I finally put it on record. The song sat in the studio for a while til Bobby came down wit some mutual family. He ended up at Poe Boy Studios where I record, I wasn’t there, but he heard da record and jumped on it.

3. The Florida hip hop scene has had a strong reputation for generations. What do you think gives it that distinctive sound that other regions can’t replicate?

Florida is Florida. We our own state we got our own people so we got our own sound. People didn’t always recognize us, but we recognized ourselves so we stuck wit what we do. Now people are into our sound. We got a big part of da music industry on lock now.

4. Where does your name originate from?

The YT comes from my group of brothers dat I rock wit since a youth. It stands for “Young Tite” we da mob dats “YTM”. The Triz comes out of my real name Demetrius. People call me Triz for short.

5. Have you had an uplift from the Hispanic community since you linked up with Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross for ‘Vamonos’?

I would say yes to dat, but da record is still growing so I’m still watching.

6. As a UK website we were wondering if any UK rappers had come to your attention as of yet?

No but with that being said, I’m gonna look into some because I’m interested now that it’s been brought to my attention.

7.  What can we expect from YT Triz in the second half of 2015?

More music, more videos just more. You can expect my going to grow stronger everyday and you’ll also hear growth in my music wit every project I drop. Expect the unexpected.

8. On Dysfunctional you have a track Debo, which references the Friday movie. Coming up in Orlando, do you associate more with Craig, Smokey, Big Worm or Debo?

I associate most with Craig because I’m the youngest of two brothers and I watched a lot comin’ up in da hood. I seen everybody around me go through this and that, and I learned from a lot other people mistakes while I still made a few myself but dats why I’m still here. I relate to Smokey a lot too I stay blowin’ sum gud.

YT Triz’ new mixtape ‘Independence Day is available now from DatPiff , stream below!