Interview – California rapper Emerson Windy talks gun violence, black America and more!

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Interview – California rapper Emerson Windy talks gun violence, black America and more!

Emerson Windy is a talented and diverse rapper hailing from Oceanside, Southern California and is relatively new to the game. Emerson began by producing music for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, Three 6 Mafia and more, and hits the ground running with his debut release Herojuana, which features Lil Wayne, Pusha T and more! Nick from Blatantly Blunt spoke to him recently!

Can you give us a little intro about your approach to music and how long you’ve been in the game?

I approach every record with an open mind, I tend to let the record speak to me first and then I talk back to it. Songs are beautiful conversations that are had in the privacy of my studio, usually alone, that I share with the world when ready. That’s my approach. I wrote and recorded my first verse three years ago, I’m pretty new to rapping to be honest.

It’s natural though because all you’re hearing is a real nigga talking over beats about real shit. I started as a producer first about 8 years ago, produced a few tracks with Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, Crooked I, Three Six Mafia and a few others.

The track ‘poppin’ covers the issues of gun violence, is this something you have experienced first hand in your life?

Yea I’ve been a part of my fair share of bullshit that I try not to think about too much these days. Now I choose to try to steer youth away from those situations. I talk about it in my music but I try not to glorify it but it happens, I’m human.

The album heavily features your love of marijuana and its highs and lows – do you feel there has been a recent resurgence in stoner hip hop over the past few years? If so, why do you think this is?

Yea I definitely think there is a resurgence of weed related concepts in the rap game today and I think it’s because cannabis is more relevant now than ever since the 1970s. Hell, it’s about to be nationally legal in the US soon if I have anything to do with it. It’s a good thing, marijuana is a natural medicine. It’s a wonderful herb in my opinion.

There’s an on going debate about whether musicians have a moral duty to their fans – Do you ever feel your music speaks to your fans in an influential way and does any responsibility fall on the artist?

Of course it does, especially to younger fans. I’ll say this… I feel a responsibility to be REAL. Period. To be Blatantly Blunt. People may not always agree with my message or the experience that I lay lyrically over a track but it will be real and very honest. That’s my art, I choose what to do with that.

But check this out, I’m very aware of my influence and with that I also to choose to educate my audience to socially conscious issues while entertaining them. That’s the key. I related to 2Pac growing up cause he never claimed to be a saint but every now and then Pac got deep and we went with him. I’m just trying to relate so they can follow.

How did you select the high profile names to work with (Lil Wayne, 2 chainz, DJ mustard, Mike Will etc) and what did you learn from the experience of collaborating?

They kinda selected me. DJ Trendsetter Sense who works with DJ Drama and Don Cannon linked most of those up. He saw something in me and he made connections, I just had to live up to the opportunity in the studio. Own my space amongst the greats.


The single ‘Black America’ featured some hard hitting lyrics – do you feel life has improved for the average African American since the turn of the century?

HAHA most definitely my G, the president is Black. A lot has changed, nothing is perfect but a lot has changed. Black America was written to speak to community to see how we can change for the better amongst ourselves. I also speak how important education SHOULD be. It gets taken for granted and that needs to stop. Now.

Are you connected with anyone over here in the UK? Have you been exposed to any UK hip hop?

I have collaborated twice with Jay Sean, one of the records will be on my new project. I look forward to getting over there and carving out a lane for myself and working with talent there. Waka Flocka said he loved it in the UK. I’m sure I will too. Much love G—WINDY. Peace


Stream Herojuana by clicking the cover, below!