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Interview: Carpetface & Jimi Lyons discuss new video ‘Humans’… “We’re all in the same boat. Stop squabbling and love each other!”

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Just a couple of months ago, rapper/producer Carpetface and roots-reggae vocalist Jimi Lyons followed up ‘B4 The Fall’ with their second collaborative song, calling for worldwide unity, equality, love and respect in the uplifting ‘Humans’.

The music video depicts various aspects of the human experience – as seen through the eyes and ears of a 10 year old alien boy running a virtual reality simulation. He learns what it means to be human, while picking up some pretty mean breakdancing skills along the way.

What inspired the concept for Humans?
Jimi Lyons:  The song was inspired by a childlike nature with perspectives on issues such a unity, loneliness, togetherness – so it made sense using traditional nursery rhyme melodies.

Who produced the song and what was the creative process like?
Jimi: Adam (Carpetface) wrote and produced the track. He consults with me in referencing which components work in the tracks. We don’t always agree but there’s a healthy respect for the music and a tight camaraderie between us on wanting to get the best out of the end product.

Carpetface:  The original background loop came from a recording of a jam live I had on drums with my friend organ maestro Moon Lockwood which i then messed around with and embellished- a lot – with a Roland Handsonic and Boss loop station and recorded the kids’ voices at a workshop session. It’s been great having a fun melodic project like this to produce and someone like Jimi to write arrange and perform it with.

Tell me about the collaboration with Head Skillz, what was their role in this visual?
Carpetface: Headskillz is the Youth Support division of NEWBIAS CIC the nonprofit I run with Dan Wiseman who also shot and edited the video. We have a bunch of projects aimed at engaging and empowering young people, utilising their inherent basic elements to develop motivation and build skills. These include performance, writing and production workshops and hands-on work-experience with record label activities. With ‘Humans’,  kids were heavily involved in the production of the music video from storyboard to final cut. The team includes our own kids and a mad bunch of talented youngsters from Lou Latham’s Urban Flow Streetdance crew based in Exeter, UK. It was the kids who came up with the concept of the alien boy running a simulation VR game of the human experience from inside a spaceship.

How would you summarise the sentiment of Humans to someone who’s not checked it yet?
Jimi: Humans are complex beings; part animal, part divine – they’re at their best when expressing a state of  love. We’re all in the same boat. Stop squabbling and love each other!

What is next for Carpetface & Jimi Lyons?
Carpetface: We felt like halting promo for a bit due to recent tragic events.. Next up for us will be an EP feature followed by another few singles before we release a full length album called “Soundsystem Soul” next year, hopefully with lockdown restrictions eased enough for us to resume live touring in Autumn.

Jimi: Next up for us will be more exclusive online content and then another single.

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