Interview: Big Toast on what he’d do as President, filming video for ‘Afraid of Americans’ outside US embassy, and new album with 184

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How would you describe the song ‘Afraid of Americans’ in three phrases?

It’s mostly about Donald Trump and his band of nutters but more generally about the worst aspects of American culture.
Its produced by 184 and the chorus is stolen from David Bowie!
There’s no clever metaphors or hidden meanings. It’s just I hate all them Trumptards, here’s some reasons.

We know you’re not a Trump fan but what are your favourite characteristics c of the President?

Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s really that dumb or if he’s playing to his audience of halfwits. If he’s playing up to them, he is a superbly observed satirical character. He has pretty much killed satire by being too ridiculous to ridicule. That is quite impressive. Otherwise it’s hard to even name a least-worst characteristic. I think he’s the worst human in the world.

Did you have any security trouble shooting the video at the US embassy?

I thought we might’ve had more trouble to be honest. They love shooting of course but not so much with cameras. Maybe I’m on a watch list and they held back cos they’re building a case!

We tried to hold it down a bit though and not be too bait with the shots, and because it’s American territory, they’re obviously all heavily armed! Even the secretaries had bazookas. Although we were still on British soil, not sure if they’d actually shoot us. More likely to poison us now with all that Russian influence, so I was just careful not to accept any cups of tea or perfume off them.

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What policies would you implement if you were President for the day?

I would legalise weed, because hopefully then all the weed heads will buy my album. Actually I reckon all them things they reckon; the lizard men are doing – chem trails, water that turns the frogs gay, all that shit.. I’d do all that. It’d be amusing to me.

I do have a load of ideas what could make the world a better place but I think it’s probably too far gone now, so might as well just troll people. Maybe that’s what Trump’s doing! Maybe I got him all wrong! Feeling to withdraw that track now.. Shit!

The new single is the first off the forthcoming album ‘Prolefeed’, with esteemed producer 184. What does the title mean, or what’s the reference?

The name is a reference from the book 1984. I know 1984 references are a bit corny but it just happened to work, and that doesn’t mean I’m gonna start rolling round in a beret calling people comrade! ‘Prolefeed’ is the name of the deliberately trashy and anti-intellectual media that the party use to keep the proles placid and stupid, like the Roman bread and circuses thing. I think there’s a connection between the dumbing down of entertainment and the brazen shit that Trump and this new idiotic right-wing have been allowed to get away with. So the name kinda tied the album together quite nicely.

What can we expect on ‘Prolefeed’?

It’s a bit of a concept album. I think we’re living in some crazy, ridiculous times. We’re on the brink of something big. I just don’t hear much of that in anyone’s music though. I guess hedonism and nihilism is a reaction to that, and I do a fair bit of that myself, but I wanted to make an album that captures the moment we’re living in.

I find the idea of a post-truth world fascinating and terrifying! So it’s primarily a reaction to all that. But it’s all from my sort of perspective which is basically a grumpy old piss head, so it has a lot of dry humour and obnoxiousness.

The pre-orders are up now too, so get to and have a listen! It’s coming out on wax and on digital with all the usual streaming and download platforms.

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Prolefeed is out on December 17. Preorder via Bandcamp here.