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Interview: 5 to 5 talk new album “Our vibe is strictly positive”

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Interview: 5 to 5 talk new album “Our vibe is strictly positive”

5 to 5 are the London based alternative hip hop duo of Archetype and Troy Kamal. With a fresh take on the genre, delivering a powerful combination of production, hook writing and lyricism, the pair are set to release their new album ‘& so it begins’ with a bang!

They are set to take over the venue Concrete in Shoreditch High Street on April 14th for their album launch party, which is set to be a treat for any one who likes their hip hop with a different twist.

Nick from BlatantlyBlunt spoke to Archetype recently to discuss how the two of them compliment one another, dream collaborations and thoughts on social media.

You can check 5to5’s album launch on April 14th at Concrete in Shoreditch. More info via Facebook here.

For anyone who’s new to the sounds of 5to5, when did you two come together and what kind of vibe do you bring on the track?

The group formed in May 2014. Troy was working on a solo project and invited me to feature. We recorded 2 more tracks (‘Memories’ & ‘Better Life’), then when his brother Xavier came through with some amazing beats, the album was the logical next step. Our vibe is strictly positive.

How do the two of you compliment each other when collaborating? What are the different approaches you bring?

In short Troy is the product guy (mixing vocals, art-work, videos), Archetype is the PR guy, making sure we are heard. He’s verses, I’m hooks. He’s calm, I’m hype. He’s studio, I’m more about the stage. We each have different skills and the balance is working well for us.

What’s your thoughts on the current UK hip hop scene? Do you feel it’s matured in the past few years?

Hip hop has always had a strong history, a huge influence across different generations. I feel it is now time the UK scene is emerging as an alternative form of hip hop. It has become organic and feels more natural. The likes of Akala, Ty and others are raising the bar by spreading knowledge through the hip-hop art.

5to5 are playing at Concrete in Shoreditch in April, what can people expect from your live show?

Thrills and spills. Positive vibes, surprise guests, high spec production by Oscar Lo Brutto & Sonar Music. Not to mention our energetic delivery of some of the most jaw dropping lyrics you’ll be hearing this year, would be a shame to miss it really.


Who would you collaborate on a track with, alive or dead?

For me personally Nas. The man is a lyricist in its purest form. The wordplay, the imagery, the legacy, he’s truly exceptional. Troy would choose says Bob Marley or John Lennon.

What three words would you use to describe this latest release between the two of you?

Beautiful concept album (or conceptual, original, inspirational)

Why the name 5 to 5?

It has a few different meanings, the main one being 5 minutes to 5 o’clock, looking forward to leaving slightly mundane jobs and embracing or real work of being creative. Our album in particular is a soundtrack to the working week, dedicated to everyone escaping the matrix.

Which of the social networks do you find most effective when promoting your brand?

Social media is a way of engaging people you never had access to, it’s a close one between instagram and Twitter, which probably just edges it as you can actually promote and build a brand from it. Troy is in the golden era, so no comment from him!


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