Idris Elba shines on ‘Ashobi’ with Drizilik, Sierra Leone’s biggest contemporary artist

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Acting and music superstar Idris Elba  collabs with Multi-award winning Sierra Leone artist Drizilik on new single ‘Ashobi’ which blends traditional West African sounds with fresh, modern energy for a song which is bound to get people moving! Offering an intoxicating combination of punchy drums, charming accordion and rousing vocals, ‘Ashobi’ has an undeniable good vibe, and fans can see him perform at London venue Earth on 19th August.

Speaking about working with Idris Elba, Drizilk says; “Collaborating with Idris on this song is a major creative validation. Freetown is experiencing a musical revival that fuses our culture with popular music—Ashobi is a perfect example of this fusion—Milo Jazz meets Afrobeats. Idris is a multi hyphenate—artist, producer, actor and DJ. If he says a song is hot, it’s hot! To have him on the ashobi means both the song and Freetown’s music revival are legit.”