Audio: Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Audio: Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

Glasgow’s trap/electronic hip hop DJ and producer Hudson Mohawke is a big deal when it comes to the making that distinctive sound!! After a few official releases through Warp Records and DJ mixes that became huge online, Hudson has definitely come into his own with a unique production style on this latest EP – “Chimes”.

After receiving album credit on “Cruel Summer”, the album released by GOOD Music, Hudson was immediately snapped up by Kanye West as a producer for the GOOD Music label in early 2013. It was around the same time I heard Chimes doing the rounds online and here we are a year on, the official track still planned to be released this September.

It’s pretty incredible that even now over a year down the line, the track still has the impact that it initially had… along with all the anticipation. Of course, live performances over the Chimes track from Pusha T and 2 Chainz does nothing but help the hype around the Scottish talent. A track very much split into two parts, one section is very smooth and melodic with the other being the more hard-hitting wildboy sound electro music is known for. Whichever way you look at it the final produced version is top quality and it’s pretty easy to see why Kanye wants Hudson on his team for the future. 

Purchase ‘Chimes’ on iTunes here.  The new EP is set for release September 29.