House of Miagi drops latest single ‘Before You Go’ ft. Sheryl O’Ware

In Afrobeats by Harry Martin

House of Miagi and Sheryl O’Ware present a fresh and sensual spin on the Afrobeat and Latin pop genres, an Afro-R&B dope single providing catchy hooks laid on top of a smooth mix; showcasing the duo’s talent to weave through one another vocal style and skill.

Speaking on the floor filer, House of Miagi states that “The concept of the record is when I found myself at a crossroad in a ‘situation-ship’ and the battle of allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone.” Highlighting how the track comes from a place of experience and truth, moreover, Sheryl O’Ware’s vocals are a perfect fit to the track; shining a light on the talent she is producing.

Stream the track here-