no beef

Homeboy Sandman – No Beef (Produced by Aesop Rock)

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Homeboy Sandman is a hugely respected underground emcee out of Queens, New York who’s been putting out that thought  provoking hip hop for over a decade! With ‘No Beef’ he things take on a more culinary angle as he speaks on the ethical and health benefits of cutting meat out your diet and he does so over a funky Aesop Rock produced beat.

“It’s been said everyone would be vegan if slaughterhouses were made of glass // But I’m afraid the reason for it is even more sordid, slaughterhouses are made of cash”

Sampling the legend Slick Rick on the hook (“Now that’s true, that’s why I never have no beef”) the song works as food for thought to anyone who wants to make the world (and their body) a slightly better place.

You can catch this on his forthcoming album Anjelitu which is out on Friday 6th August.

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Here’s our interview with him when he was in London in 2011.