HLZ – Dying Memories / Duel

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

HLZ – Dying Memories / Duel

Italian stallion HLZ cut his teeth as one half of Need For Mirrors, the influential drum & bass pairing behind wrecking-ball tracks like Lofar. Since then the production duo has halved its members, with HLZ bowing out – on good terms, see this interview on dnbblog.co.uk – to pursue his own direction.

We’ve already taken a look at the one-man Need For Mirrors show’s massive latest offering, which went out on Warm Communications earlier this year, and it’s that same Texan record label which is releasing HLZ’s double A-side debut Dying Memories / Duel.

HLZ made some waves with his collaboration with DLR, Nymfo and Need For Mirrors (told you they still got on), Totem, but has been settling down to bother some subs on his own, and Warm Communications 035 is the result.


There is an instantly identifiable sonic identity to the tracks on offer here, namely a tornado of fizzing psychadelia and pounding low frequencies. Dying Memories contorts synths and twists itself through a laser-cut intro section which sets a suitably uneasy atmosphere before diving into a forceful bassline buried low in the mix with more head-splitting effects scything their way through sparse samples of acid-flecked electric guitar. It’s psychedelic, Jim, but not as we know it.

On the flip Duel skitters through the speakers with some of the cutting aggression of the lead track filtered out. There’s a satisfying squelch in the lower registers around which ping-pong percussion refracts before plunging into a mind-altering roller. Just as on Dying Memories there’s not an amen break in sight, and the slightly fractured nature of the drums breaks momentum and holds things up just enough to let the spacey sound design take centre stage without the beat running away with it.

The record drops on April 20th – preorder on Redeye or Juno.

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