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Hear two versions of ‘Gucci Gang’ way better than Lil Pump’s

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OK so the original version of Gucci Gang has a solid beat but we’re really not rating the vocal too much. Despite the fact the video has so far received over 250 million views on YouTube doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dope. It even pissed off the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who was mad that the video was filmed at a religious school without his consent! So we want to give you two vocals of the Bighead and Gnealz produced track that did the beat justice.

Check out the versions by Dave East and Joyner Lucas here! On Joyner’s version, shots were definitely popped at Pump and other opioid influenced rappers, as he says “What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame?/ Turn your pink dreads into pocket change/ All these new rappers don’t be talking ’bout shit except doing drugs, wonder how you got a name?/ Sipping lean, taking E, Percocet, purple drank, Xanax, everything sound the same/ Bunch of drug addicts in the house of pain/ Hope you niggas suffer till you pop a vein,”

Joyner Lucas – Gucci Gang (remix)

Dave East – U The Same