Hamilton – Feel the Fury / Track 8

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Hamilton – Feel the Fury / Track 8

It should go without saying given that the label is run by drum & bass godfather Andy C, but for all its pushing of new talent – see latest newcomer Bensley – RAM Records is still very much in touch with the genre’s past, of which Hamilton is something of a microcosm. The DJ and producer first got hooked on underground music through the pirate radio stations of early 90s London, when drum & bass was still a twinkle in LTJ Bukem’s eye and, as he told the Independent in an interview, “it was just hardcore”.

His first release, put out as DJ Ham, came out in 1994 and he has been actively crafting tracks ever since, hopping genres and following the curve to stay current and true to the ever-developing drum & bass scene – much like the label which is has housed him since 2009. Still riding the waves caused by his Schema EP, as well as the release of Fire Be There, he is back in the game with Feel the Fury Track 8.


On Feel the Fury a reesey intro section ratchets up the tension before classic buzzsaw synths duel with twisted breaks to serve up a pitch-perfect reminder of Hamilton’s heritage. But that’s only half the story, as the track then drops into an archetypal RAM banger, a syncopated bass chugging boldly through weighty drums, with the mangled breaks reappearing for fleeting fills. A mid-section takes us back to the moody intro before the track explodes into life all over again, producing a surprisingly convincing intersection of classic and modern drum & bass tendencies.

Track 8 is all about old-school bounce, a leaping sub inciting low-end movement while crystalline synths flit up above. This is a temperamental track, though, with the breezy feel offset by a foreboding intro which is recycled throughout, and when the top-line deviates from the bass pattern things stumble further into minor-key territory; some neat sound design keeps things pleasantly on edge throughout.

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