Guest post: 2017: A New Age of Music

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Guest post: 2017: A New Age of Music

Guest post from Paul Rothbein from Perspective Mag, which focuses on ‘tomorrow’s insight today’.

Life imitates art and art imitates life. 1960’s music was influenced by the Vietnam war and a need for world peace. The hippy culture and the rise of drug use during the 1960s can be directly related to the music of the era. This is the most obvious example of music being influenced by the times and music influencing the times. However, every era of music is a cultural symbol of the present day. Recent examples of musical cultural phenomenon’s include punk rebels of the 70s, hair bands during the 80s, Ganster rap in the 90s and 2000s, and Wil.I.Ams video which significantly helped Obama get elected for president in 2008.

The Beatles introduced America to British rock music with The British Invasion. The African country of Angola unknowingly has a huge death metal scene influenced by anger Angolan’s have as a result of decades of civil war. If one band from Angola has one hit song in the US it can open up the floodgates to Angolan Death Metal music.

Music is being heavily influenced by technology as a result of YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media sources. The result is that now musicians don’t need to a major record studio or the support of a record producer to get their name out. Obviously, severely hurting the record industry. Musicians now can earn money directly through songs by cutting the middleman by being able to sell music without the support of services like iTunes. However, this could lead to a major problem.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever for people to download and listen to music for free. By 2016 selling songs might become as obsolete as selling CD’s. Yet, in 2016 artist might be pressured to earn money through YouTube ads. As artist need to make money without selling songs it could lead to a rise in concert sales and concert performances.

2017, we can see a rise in a new breed of music. Musical instruments that are internet powered. We might see a movement that is the opposite of internet powered music. We might see a rebirth in acoustic music and cappella as protest of technology dominating our lives. We see the forest from the trees. The Perspective 2020 Directory to Everything, and the Perspective 2020 Almanac To Everything: A Decade In Review will show the world what might influence the future of music. As music will be influenced by technology, by politics, by culture, and even economics.