river nile, Gorilla Monk

Gorilla Monk – River Nile

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Authentic new roots reggae from down Jamaica way, as Gorilla Monk delves deep into the sounds of his cultural background and draws on his African heritage in ‘River Nile’.

“I felt inspired to write ‘River Nile’ out of deep appreciation and respect for Mother Africa – the land of many beginnings” Gorilla Monk reflects, “The Nile has served as a critical lifeline that has shaped and sustained the lives of many throughout society.” With an effortless style and charisma, Gorilla Monk captures the very essence of reggae music.

Overcoming the hardships he has faced, we see Gorilla Monk revived. “I just want to write, sing and DJ meaningful music that will last for generations to come” he smiles.

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