Review: GoldLink – And After That, We Didn’t Talk

In Hip Hop by Sam Conley

Review: GoldLink – And After That, We Didn’t Talk

Sounding more Disco or even EDM than Hip Hop, GoldLink trademark ‘Future Bounce’ genre has been one that has taken him around the world. Since TGC was released, Goldlink has performed international shows, enjoyed a spot on the 2015 XXL Freshmen List and been endorsed by California music trendsetter Soulection.

Recently, Goldlink released his debut album And After That, We Didn’t Talk, a thirty-five minute take on a breakup concept album. In a recent Pitchfork interview, GoldLink admits he is aware that his audience has expanded, and wants to be able to offer something for everyone. We are subjected to this with the new album, with tracks ranging from the Hip Hop culture critically illuminating “New Black”, to being joined by Anderson Paak. for the heavily R&B inspired “Unique”.

The versatility of the project may leave some a little confused, with the atmosphere decidedly alternating track by track, but And After That, We Didn’t Talk offers some of the more interesting and original sounds coming out of the global Hip Hop genre at the minute.

You can buy And After That, We Didn’t Talk on iTunes HERE. Check out the project and head on to the comment section to share your thoughts on it.

Goldlink performs at his first UK headline show at XOYO on the 2nd December. Be sure to check out the venue and to purchase your tickets if you want to attend a show.