Glasgow street artist Rogue-One

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Glasgow street artist Rogue-One

Rogue-One is a 39 year old street artist based in Glasgow who has been in the street art world since the late 1980s!!

Here are a few of his latest works.


In an interview with the Daily Record, Rogue-one explained how he get into street art. “My teenage self would probably be disgusted. Spraypainting came of age in the late 80s and it was this exciting new culture that I jumped on – and that started with tagging.”

He also talked about the street art culture in Glasgow: “To my mind, there are two types of graffiti artists – the ones who are just vandals and the ones who have an artistic bent in them and want to create something fantastic.” “Glasgow’s lucky in that I think most of the kids here aren’t vandalistic, the vast majority are in it for the art.”





You can follow Rogue-One on his social networks: Facebook and Flickr!