Ghanain duo Knob Tuner blend sounds in Afro High House vol. 1

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Ghanaian duo Knob Tuner, who first met in junior school blend Afrotech and Afrohouse elements into the their music, with their name ‘Knob Tuner’ having been derived from the art of DJing!
Knob Tuner is like a reinvention of how we think about music, but using our experience to create as we learn”.

Their new project ‘Afro High House vol. 1’ explores their awakening that the possibilities for African House Music were endless! Inspired by the South African Amapiano movement to kickstart the creation of this LP, the duo worked ignored mainstream, commercial music, and fuelled their passion for the project on what was familiar and timeless to Africa.

“We had never made music within the course of months. We never started with the foundations and developed it over time into a complete body before. It was always ‘make a reference song the same day, think it was finished, upload it on Soundcloud or slide it under the bed’. Music was different for us before 2020.” Look out for big things to come 2022!

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You can listen via Spotify below and stream on all platforms here!