Ghanaian star Charisma drops emotive single ‘Logoligi’

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Up and coming talent from West Africa, as Charisma drops his new single which takes its title from the Ghanaian word which describes an immense feeling of happiness! ‘Logoligi‘ is based around a unique feeling, that can only be felt when in love! ‘Logoligi’ is a euphoric song, and it’s easy to hear how much fun Charisma had delivering this vibe, which will make you want to dance and sing… a great start to the year from this promising young artist!

The 25 year old Ghanaian artist has been a contestant at the Citi Tvs ‘Voice Factory’ and is now applying the techniques of a professional in his craft with respect to his music career. For fans of Burna Boy, Charisma delivers exciting and fresh music that remains true to his sound and vision, and is set to take the Ghana music scene by storm!

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