Germanovski – Promise/Confession

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Germanovski – Promise/Confession

Pushing deep jungle and drum & bass, the label has built a solid reputation, and last month’s LP from Germanovski – the man with the satisfying name – is a spacious example of what they do.


On the junglist-baiting ‘Promise’ pads sweep like the aurora borealis behind a drumline with a rock-solid base and an intricate top layer for a slightly left-of-centre approach to the genre. Musically straightforward but somehow hypnotising, it sucks you in gently before ‘Confession’ on the flip grips you and leaves you on edge. The darker mood is tribal and the cut revolves around a magnetic, primal kick drum which sounds like a goblin’s underground stronghold, cutting through the innocent atmospherics like a reverb-soaked knife.

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