Free download: Isaiah Dreads – Aint Nothin But A Mixtape

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Free download: Isaiah Dreads – Aint Nothin But A Mixtape

Leading from the mark he left in the scene following the release of his enormous freestyle ‘U See Me’ over man-of-the-moment Preditah’s classic ‘Vinyls’, Isaiah Dreads releases his much-anticipated first mixtape, ‘Aint Nothin But A Mixtape’, for free download.


Created to show the 17 year old’s love of American hip hop and UK grime, the mixtape shifts between uplifting soul beats and gritty grime cuts, and the West-Country MC finds himself spitting comfortably over either. Tracks such as ‘Do it Again’ and ‘Celebrate’ show the influence of 90’s natural-sounding hip hop complete with stunning soul vocal samples, while tracks like ‘Wait for Me’ and ‘God’ exhibit a darker, bass-heavy side to the talented young MC.

However, he is not just paying tribute to his influences in this mixtape, but also paving the way for his own, unique sound and style which shine through in glimpses throughout. ‘Do it Again’ is the best example of this, merging the two sounds that run through this mixtape perfectly both in production and flow.

A very promising mixtape for fans of both grime and hip hop, we’re sure to see a lot more high quality from Isaiah Dreads in the next few years.

Download ‘Nothin but a mixtape’ here or stream below!