Video: Franko Fraize – Lines

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Video: Franko Fraize – Lines

Franko Fraize is a man that you’d want to meet in the pub, or on your way to a warehouse rave.

His latest collaboration with ambient electronic producer Great Skies is everything he’d tell you halfway through the rave. The shapes, the colours, the emotions, the mistakes, the gossip and that drunken advice you might never forget.

The hypnotic style of the backing vocals along with the rolling bass line are an ode to the electronic era of the 90s. And it’s water droplet sounds epitomise the dreamy ambience of the rave. Fraize with British bravado, expertly raps over this nostalgic vibe hinting at the past days of green knee’s and red scars. The chicken shop he used to ride his bike past, the bloke that’s allowed to show himself off.

Franko Fraize has got a wordplay that sets him apart from being just an observer of his youth. This track is made for the weekend; because as he puts, it’s the reason we work hard.

Watch the video below for 90s electronic aesthetics expertly edited and captured by Joey La Meche. Check below that for a video we filmed back in 2010 with Franko Fraize.

2010 shenanigans here!