Folabee releases new Afrobeat video ‘Power Of Dolapo’

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Nigerian artist Folabee is staying true to his heritage for this track which is centred around acquiring those dollar bills, so much so, the song’s title is the local slang term for the ‘Power of the US Dollar’, and also ‘acquiring wealth’. Attempting to debunk the stigma of migrants being branded as fraudsters and as having flamboyant lives, ‘Power of Dolapo’ pays homage to all of Folabee’s hard work and experiences of migrating to the United States, but also recognises how his perceptions change as he grows in new environments. From trying to make ends meet as an underground independent artist, Folabee is pushing to the forefront of the Afrobeat community, his diligence finally being rewarded.
Stream the single here and check the video below!