Flox teases album with thought-provoking reggae infused ‘Smoke Grass’.

In Reggae & Dancehall by Vicky Thompson

British-Franco nu-reggae rapper Flox dropped his latest single Smoke Grass on March 4th as a teaser for his seventh album Square due out on June 10th with Underdog records. 

Despite the track title, Flox does not necessarily glorify the idea of smoking weed but instead highlights the impact that interfering opinions can have on the choices we make. 

The track is consistently mellow and gentle from start to finish, with a thought-provoking and humbly political stance fused with a deep and smooth summertime bass. The child-like cartoon visuals compliment the simplicity of the message and the spirituality behind the warm and welcoming vocal with a back-to-basics aesthetic.

Flox creates an ambient aura with an ambitious yet subtle approach within his music. Smoke Grass may appear as a weed promoting song from first glance, but instead, when we listen closely, we realise it’s just an honest confession with a harmless attempt at evoking peace and privacy in our everyday choices.

Flox differs from other rappers – he is devoid of force and abrasion and instead focuses his craft around authenticity. In Smoke Grass he emphasises that there are more important things that we could be funnelling our energy into.

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