Florida’s Kick 5000 emerges as a talent to be aware of in 2021!

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Florida’s Kick 5000 is the kind of rapper that you could describe as a thorough bred! You could even describe him as ‘a generational musician’. Specializing in that raw Hip Hop sound, you can expect a range of qualities embedded within his sound, including flavours of both R&B and Reggae! Having spent countless hours listening to discographies of music from across the musical landscape, he honed his range of skill by using a range of melodies and vocal inflections.Β  If you check out his video for ‘Dreams’, the evidence is clear!
Having lost both his parents by the age of just fifteen, Kick 5000 has had to grow up without the privileges many had, and found a new connection in the form of a local hip hop group known as The Goons who originated in Carol City, a neighbourhood in Miami Gardens, Florida. The group was the place allowed Kick 5000 toΒ  grow as an individual. It was where the members pushed and supported each other to be the greatest version of themselves. This is where his childhood nickname became his rap alias and the rest, as they say, is history.