Video: Fliptrix – Sounds

In Hip Hop by Suave Debonair

The High Focus king pin is back with his second single from ‘The road to the interdimesional piff highway.’ The track has a kind of spooky xylophone wind chime sounding beat to it produced by the collaborators on Flips’ last album ‘Third eye of the Storm’ Runone & Molotov. Flipper interrupts the spacey intro with some fire double time bars rolling into the hook before breaking it down on a grim reaper tip.

I gotta give it to Fliptrix, the dudes work rate is crazy and he consistently brings the goods when it comes to putting out visuals for tracks too. ‘Sounds’ is everything we have come to expect from the man behind the UK’s quickest growing underground label, dude likes his music like he likes his piff…. high quality!

Suave Debonair